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AdvocacyLegal/Labor RelationsAnnual ConferencePD & MentoringMentor Coaching ServiceFor MentorsResourcesAwards ProgramEquitable ServicesMembershipRegionsAboutSponsors

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Join us in the Festival Tent for a day of racing và raffle prizes!Saratoga Race Course267 Union Avenue,Saratoga Springs, NY 12866COST:$20/vserpuhove.com members & guests, $15/administrative assistantFor guests and/or administrative assistants, please place those names in the Notes field on the registration form, and click on the additional pricing options. If you need additional information, please tương tác Linda Klime at lklime3

A Lunch và Learn Webinar Series

The MHANYS School Mental Health Resource và Training Center will be hosting a 2-day virtual conference for school administrators and leaders, comprised of 3 one hour sessions each day. 

This Summer Academy for Mental Health Education will provide opportunities lớn learn about mental health education & work on curriculum development. We will discuss creating connections và planning partnerships with community partners and school-based clinics.

The Summer Academy will provide an opportunity to discuss how the climate and culture of your school can impact the mental health of students, teachers, & administrators.


Tuesday August 23, 2022

9am-10am: Mental Health Education Law: Understanding, Accountability, and Implementation (CTLE)10am-11am: Mental Health Curriculum Evaluation (CTLE)11am-12pm: Taking Care of Yourself is No Longer Optional

Wednesday August 24, 2022

9am-10am: Beyond “Wellness Wednesdays”: Supporting the Mental Health & Wellness of SchoolStaff (CTLE)10am-11am: Exploring Community Partnerships và School-Based Clinics11am-12pm: Engaging Families in the Mental Health Education Conversation

A Lunch & Learn Webinar Series

A Lunch và Learn Webinar Series


October 12 | November 9 | December 14, 2022 | January 11 | February 8 | March 8 | April 12 | May 10 – 4:00-5:15 PM

vserpuhove.com is proud lớn announce a cohort series for newer school leaders. School leaders in their first three years of practice, in any role title, are encouraged khổng lồ register. Mitch Center will be facilitating this virtual eight-part series which will meet from October through May of the 2022-2023 school year. Unlike isolated workshops, members of the cohort will have a consistent group & expert facilitation khổng lồ offer support, discussion of problems with practice, và guidance over time in a comfortable, confidential, và supportive format.Mitch Center has worked in school & district leadership since 2005, as an assistant principal, principal, và assistant superintendent. Mitch learned that the more responsibility he took on, the less support he received, so in 2016 he founded Center Educational Consulting khổng lồ reverse that trend. Mitch coaches & supports hundreds of leaders across the country to connect them khổng lồ their purpose, to lớn provide networks of peer-to-peer support, & to solve real-world challenges commonly faced by school & district leaders. For the past two years, Mitch has facilitated hundreds of virtual sessions and Mastermind groups that reflect the unique challenges of our time, và provide leaders with concrete ideas và tools and professional connections that deepen over time.–QUALIFIES FOR STATE AID –Cost for series:$799 vserpuhove.com members | $999 non-members (pre-paid) | $699 each w/ teams of 3 or moreContact Christine Foglia at cfoglia