Sylvanas Windrunner is a very prominent part of the World of Warcraft universe. Here"s a look at some things you need lớn know about her.

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Fans of Warcraft will likely remember Sylvanas Windrunner - the Banshee Queen that formerly served as the Chieftain of the Horde faction. In Blizzard"s lore, Sylvanas Windrunner once served as the High Elves" greatest Generals prior to her "corruption" via the Lich King. In World of Warcraft, players got to lớn witness her quest towards freedom & her attempts khổng lồ make change in Azeroth based on her own ideals.

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As a leader, her thirst for vengeance becomes the perfect antithesis khổng lồ the pacific Thrall & the noble Anduin Wrynn. However, Sylvanas"s story has more secrets for players aside from her role as an anti-hero in the Warcraft mythos. Interestingly, just what else should players know about Sylvanas Windrunner?

10 A Broken Siblinghood


At first glance, Sylvanas seems khổng lồ be the only prominent thành viên of the Windrunner family. After all, Sylvanas"s status as the Ranger General of the High Elves is no mere feat. However, Sylvanas"s family is actually more expansive than one might expect. Moreover, Sylvanas herself has siblings - most of which have made a reputation for themselves outside popular lore. For instance, her sibling Alleria Windrunner served as Silvermoon"s ranger-captain when they were still part of the Second War"s Alliance of Lordaeron. She used lớn head the expedition to lớn Draenor with the Alliance but disappeared with her lover Turalyon in the planet"s destruction.

Meanwhile, their youngest sister Vereesa helped không tính tiền Alexstrasza the dragon Queen from the Dragonmaw Clan. Like Sylvanas & Alleria, Vereesa also became a skilled ranger. Meanwhile, they have two brothers, one of which named Lirath who unfortunately perished at the hands of orcs.


Fans are highly aware that Sylvanas gained her status as the Banshee Queen when Arthas Menethil transformed her into a banshee in Warcraft 3. Interestingly, other Warcraft media had conflicting accounts of how this actually happened. For instance, the original Warcraft 3 and Arthas"s signature novel showed that Sylvanas instantly transformed into a banshee after her death in Arthas"s hands.

Meanwhile, the Lament of the Highborne and Ghostlands show a different story. In these media, they show Arthas first bringing Sylvanas"s corpse into an altar. It was only then that Arthas performed the ritual that transformed Sylvanas into a banshee.


When Sylvanas regained her freedom, she used her newfound powers to help other undead be miễn phí of the Lich King"s grasp. Sylvanas also started khổng lồ gather allies amongst the ogre clans và even members of the Burning Legion. She called this new faction the Forsaken, with a quest of annihilating the Scourge and finding a place for themselves in Azeroth.

Officially, the Forsaken are headquartered in Undercity. They are also formally members of the Horde, albeit they only serve their own interests. As a result, even members of the Horde try khổng lồ keep a close eye on the Forsaken & their various activities.


As the Banshee Queen, Sylvanas served under the Lich King during the height of his power. However, when the power nguồn of the Frozen Throne started to lớn wane, Sylvanas started khổng lồ regain control over her senses. Her rage and fury helped her tear apart the Lich King"s control và became the unliving embodiment of hatred. Due to her many conquests, Sylvanas gained a reputation as one of the most powerful magic-users và fighters in the Horde.

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However, her nguồn may be linked lớn somewhere else - her body. In the lore, banshees often roam Azeroth as malevolent spirits. Interestingly, Sylvanas somehow got a hold of her corpse và regain her corporeality. As a result, it makes sense for Sylvanas not just lớn possess a banshee"s powers but also the deathly abilities of a Dark Ranger.

Despite being simply a Dark Ranger & Banshee, Sylvanas has grown to have a wider range of abilities as well. Aside from her skill in archery và her extremely powerful voice, Sylvanas boasts magical abilities such as mind control, draining life, & creating skeletons. Moreover, despite regaining her body, Sylvanas still has the ability khổng lồ alter her corporeality at will.

Additionally, Sylvanas gained other abilities through pacts with different creatures. For instance, the Val"kyr"s pact allowed Sylvanas control over life & death - even capable of raising creatures to undeath. Meanwhile, her allegiance to lớn the Jailer also gave Sylvanas an immense power boost in death magic.

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In Burning Crusade, an công trình called the Lament of the Highborne becomes the focal point of some quests courtesy of Sylvanas herself. Players need to return the cống phẩm - a book - to lớn Sylvanas prior khổng lồ her attack lớn the attacking worgen. When players interact with the book, they can read the lyrics of the "Lament of the Highborne," a tuy nhiên describing an event that could be the Troll Wars or the Fall of Quel"Thalas. However, some think this tuy nhiên actually talks of the losses of the elven faction in the War of the Ancients.

Interestingly, Sylvanas actually sings the tuy nhiên at some point in the MMO. Fans might wonder if Sylvanas singing the tuy vậy may also her loss of life & the price she"s paying for rediscovering herself & her new place in Azeroth.

Introduced in Legion, Artifact Weapons served as a "reminder" that player characters can themselves wield even the most powerful of weapons in Warcraft lore. In turn, even legendary swords such as Kael"Thas Sunstrider"s Felomelorn became accessible to players. However, Sylvanas herself seems to have a weapon that represented not her power nguồn - but instead her past. Sylvanas gets an artifact weapon in the khung of Thas"dorah, Legacy of the Windrunners.

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In the lore, Thas"dorah serves as the heirloom of the Windrunner family. They crafted the Thas"dorah with a bough from the mother tree residing in Eversong Woods. It"s said that Thas"dorah is as old as Quel"Thalas itself. Interestingly, prior to Legion"s beta, Thas"dorah used to find itself linked lớn Sylvanas. However, the powerful bow officially found itself on the hands of Sylvanas"s sister, Alleria Windrunner.

In speaking of Kael"Thas Sunstrider, players who square off against the Blood Elf ruler in the Eye of Tempest Keep can obtain an thắng lợi called the Band of the Ranger General. As an item, it provides additional Stamina, hit rating, attack power, & critical strike. However, what"s more interesting is its description. Its flavor text reads that the Band actually belonged lớn Sylvanas Windrunner. This is interesting in itself, as one might wonder how the prince obtained the ring when there doesn"t seem lớn be any direct relationship between the two elves.

Meanwhile, players who love fishing might want khổng lồ stick longer in Dalaran. If they"re patient enough, they can find Sylvanas Windrunner"s Golden Coin in the fountain. As the name suggests, this coin once belonged lớn the Banshee Queen.

Prior to Sylvanas"s signature look, Blizzard had a bit of a struggle trying khổng lồ find the best way khổng lồ put her in the Warcraft MMO. For instance, in Warcraft 3, Sylvanas transitioned from having two models (a Banshee và a retextured Shandris Feathermoon for Reign of Chaos) khổng lồ a shared model (the Dark Ranger in Frozen Throne).

Meanwhile, in Burning Crusade, Sylvanas had a retextured Night Elf skin despite her High Elf ancestry due to height restrictions. Meanwhile, Sylvanas received a Blood Elf mã sản phẩm with a unique texture for her Wrath of the Lich King appearance.

Interestingly, even Warcraft shares similarities with its space-based sister franchise in terms of characters. For instance, one might consider Sylvanas quite similar in character & nature lớn Arcturus Mengsk, one of the primary antagonists in the Starcraft franchise.

As fans might recall, Sylvanas abandoned the Horde khổng lồ focus on her Forsaken faction. Similarly, Mengsk also led a rebellion within the Terran Dominion. Moreover, both leaders have done so based on their personal beliefs. Mengsk sought lớn propagate human intergalactic domination. Meanwhile, Sylvanas"s quest for nguồn made her leave the Horde.

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