According khổng lồ the stereotype, scheduled flights host are full of hectic business people, while charters mostly fly easy-going holiday travellers.

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But how vì the two types of flying actually differ from each other?
There are many stereotypes connected lớn charter & scheduled flights. Many believe sầu that scheduled flights transport on-the-go business travellers, frequent flyers who are in their element on an airplane. Stereotypical charters are, on the other h&, seen as a means to transport big families going on holiday – those who are not in a terrible hurry to lớn board the plane và who take a bit longer khổng lồ get to their seats.

As air travel has become more comtháng, these clichés are now mostly history.

Difference in commercial risks

A scheduled flight means that tickets to lớn this flight are sold via various sales channels around the world. Scheduled flights may have sầu connection flights. Charter flights, on the other hand, are bought from the airline by a tour operator. These are so-called package vacations, although nowadays one can also just as easily book a seat on a charter flight.

“The underlying issue here involves whose commercial risk a given flight is. A scheduled flight is an operating airline’s commercial risk, while a charter flight is its tour operator’s a commercial risk,” says Mikko Kongươi, Key Account & Business Development Manager at

Airlines may have sầu different rules regarding luggage quotas & a range of paid services. Holiday flight organisers, meanwhile, often prefer to lớn determine on-board sales.

Keihäsmatkat – a Finnish package holiday legkết thúc

Scheduled flights have existed since the dawn of aviation. Finnair, for example, has flown them since it was founded bachồng in 1923 under the name Aero Ltd. The first Aero-operated charter flights from Finl& to lớn Nice, France, took place in 1949.

The Karhumäki brothers, or Kar-Air, did a few charter flights khổng lồ Algeria in 1951 và 1952. Finlantic Ltd.

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was founded in 1961, and the company’s planes, during its one-and-a-half years of existence, visited all continents except nước Australia và Antarctica. In the same year, Kar-Air opened the longest flight route in Europe at the time – the “Sun line” between Helsinki và Malaga.

– It is not a surprise that Malaga is still attracting people – though nowadays through scheduled flights, notes Kongươi.

Leisure flights became common in Finlvà during the 1960s, thanks lớn Kalevi Keihänen’s (1924-1995) Keihäsmatkat, a pioneer operator of Finnish tourism.

– Back in those days Keihänen"s "Kihniö moonshine" was served on the plane, as Finns headed to lớn southern Europe for holidays. In the golden age of Keihäsmatkat tour operator, traveling abroad was not yet that comtháng, and leisure flights were quite colourful, says Komi.

After the first raving years, the atmosphere on leisure flights calmed down. Nowadays one would not notice much difference between holiday travellers và scheduled-flight passengers.

– Especially the younger generation prefers khổng lồ build its own “holiday packages”, by choosing the flights, hotels and activities they prefer. An increase in scheduled air traffic, & the possibilities of online buying and information retrieval through the Internet, have sầu supported this trend, comments Kongươi.

Package holidays are again in demand

Last year Helsinki-Vantaa charter flights carried approximately 783 000 travellers, which is 7.7 per cent more than the year before.

– People have probably noticed that constructing their own “package trip” means that there is no one responsible for the trip, in a way that a tour operator sees over holiday packages. Websites selling flights vì not have sầu as easily accessible customer support, as vị traditional tour operators, says Komi.

So though the mạng internet and tìm kiếm engines have sầu shaped the travel market, charter flights are still in demand.

– Regardless of all the changes, tour operators are doing an excellent job. Holiday charter flights still hold an important role, because they are so easy to lớn go on, Komày says.

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