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Families brought the case khổng lồ demonstrate khổng lồ banks và insurers that gun manufacturers are a risky business


The lawsuit alleges that Remington marketed its Bushmaster AR-15 rifle to lớn civilians, with no regard for the deadly consequences. Photograph: Jessica Hill/AP
The lawsuit alleges that Remington marketed its Bushmaster AR-15 rifle lớn civilians, with no regard for the deadly consequences. Photograph: Jessica Hill/AP

The manufacturer of an assault rifle used to lớn kill đôi mươi schoolchildren and six adults in the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre has offered $33m lớn settle lawsuits from the families of nine of the victims.

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If accepted, the proposal by Remington would mean each of the families would receive sầu $3.66m, substantially less than the sums they were seeking. In a February court filing, lawyers estimated the wrongful death claims likely totalled in excess of $225m, rising above sầu $1bn with punitive sầu damages.

An attorney for the families, Josh Koskoff, said the families “would consider their next steps” in response khổng lồ the offer by Remington, an Alabama-based company that was one of the nation’s oldest, largest and best-known gun manufacturers before filing for bankruptcy in 2018.

The killer, Adam Lanza, used a Remington Bushmaster rifle to lớn commit the murders at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, on the morning of 14 December 2012 after shooting his mother at their home page. The mass shooting ended when Lanza took his own life.

Remington has argued in defense of the lawsuit, filed in 2014, that Lanza is the only person responsible for the killings, và that its firearm, which belonged lớn Lanza’s mother, was legally manufactured và sold.

The company, which emerged from its first bankruptcy in 2018 under control of its creditors, và which filed a second bankruptcy declaration in 20trăng tròn, disclosed its settlement offer on Tuesday in a filing lớn the Connecticut superior court. It made no comment on the filing.

The offer is now subject lớn the families’ approval, and also that of a federal judge in charge of the company’s most recent bankruptcy case in Alabama.

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Koskoff, in a statement, said the ayên ổn of the lawsuit was primarily intended to lớn hit the company financially.

“Since this case was filed in 2014, the families’ focus has been on preventing the next Sandy Hook. An important part of that goal has been showing banks và insurers that companies that sell assault weapons khổng lồ civilians are fraught with financial risk,” he said.

“Financial institutions like JPhường Morgan and Franklin Square learned that lesson when Remington went bankrupt.”

Remington originally cited a 2005 federal law that protected the manufacturers of privately owned weapons from wrongful death lawsuits. But the families were able to lớn skirt that by successfully arguing that the company’s guns were “designed as a military weapon”, therefore nullifying the defense.

The US supreme court refused lớn hear Remington’s appeal in 2019, which allowed the lawsuit khổng lồ proceed.

Only nine of the families of Sandy Hook victims joined the legal action, which was streamlined in 2020 to lớn target Remington’s sale in light of the supreme court decision.

Sandy Hook remains the country’s worst mass school shooting, with đôi mươi kindergartners and first graders aged six & seven, 12 girls and eight boys, aước ao the victims. The six adults were all women, among them the school’s principal, Dawn Hochsprung.