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Remember the awe you felt when you turned on your new computer and it loaded in a flash? Your computer was the envy of your friends và you weren’t afraid to lớn bathe in that glory. Button on, ready khổng lồ go, those were the days!

After a year or two though, it doesn’t seem khổng lồ be quite as zippy…no, you’re not imagining it. It really has slowed down, not just in comparison to lớn newer models và your expectations…There’s a measurable drop in speed và power that has nothing to bởi with worn out parts. The good news is a little maintenance can have that baby cruising at top speed again. Let’s take a leisurely walk through the system và spot the culprits:

Start-up applications: It’s super convenient to lớn have Skype start automatically và your anti-virus too. In fact, many of the applications starting themselves with the computer are essential to lớn your experience. But some of them are getting a little too ‘helpful’.

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For example, iTunes helper loads in the background khổng lồ speed things up when you connect your device – but if you can’t even remember the last time you ran iTunes on your computer, then it can go. Programs lượt thích that are holding onto a portion of your processing power và adding to your speed issues. The average trang chủ computer automatically loads around 75 programs at start-up!

Temporary junk: Computers are kind of messy. They leave temporary files và snippets of information all over your hard drive, each action leaving a trail rather like a roaming toddler with a sticky sandwich. Every webpage, every image on that webpage, every program you run and every game you play leaves something behind.

It may be the tidbits of information called “cookies”, saved trò chơi files, auto-restore files or even a log so that you can hit the undo button 100 times while it remembers your actions for you.

The more junk your computer builds up, the slower it gets.

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Viruses và malware: These infections sit in the background consuming resources while doing various nightmarish things. They may be spying on your actions, stealing your information or reaching out through your network to lớn infect others. Occasionally, the impact is limited lớn seeing your computer slow lớn a crawl, however the flow-on financial costs of an infection can easily reach into the thousands.

Bloating: With every new version of software comes a new set of features, introductory sequences và design improvements. The problem with this is the application becomes larger & larger with each new version, requiring more system resources to install and run – & slowing your computer down.

Just like a car, computers need regular maintenance – we offer a Tune-Up service lớn bring your computer back khổng lồ its original speed và extend its life.