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A homeless man meets a YouTube personality in a heartwarming viral đoạn Clip. Was it all staged? (credit: YouTube/Josh Paler Lin Channel)

HUNTINGTON BEACH (  — The viral video clip of a homeless man buying food for friends with $100 he had been given warmed the hearts of many of the more than 25 million people who clicked on it.Quý khách hàng vẫn xem: Josh paler lin là ai

Donations came pouring in for the homeless man named Thomas. More than $130,000 donated from around the globe in about a week.Quý khách hàng đã xem: Josh paler lin là ai

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Josh Paler Lin, the YouTube personality who uploaded the nearly five-minute Clip, is telling everyone within earshot that the heartwarming viral video clip is real.

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The homeless man’s brother, however, said that his brother is being scammed. Meanwhile, an eyewitness to the filming also believes the entire thing is a hoax.

The eyewitness told CBS2’s Stacey Butler that he saw Thomas in Lin’s oto when Lin purported the man didn’t know he was being filmed. During the video clip, Lin can be heard telling his shooter, “Make sure he doesn’t see you.”

The homeless man’s brother also spoke to lớn Butler.

In the video clip, the homeless man is tracked khổng lồ a convenience store that sold liquor. He buys food for other homeless people with the $100 he was given by Lin.

Lin later confronts the man and gives hyên ổn another $100 because he said he assumed he was going to buy alcohol with the money & he couldn’t believe he was so generous with his friends.

Critics have already pointed out that Thomas would have had to have sầu walked for at least 34 minutes lớn the Liquor Mart, passing cheaper supermarkets along the way. They also point out that a homeless và begging Thomas had a rather blase reaction for someone who had just received $100 from a stranger.

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The eyewitness khổng lồ the filming told Butler he knew Lin from his many prankster videos and said he definitely saw Thomas in Lin’s vehicle during set-ups.

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“I was there,” says Taugan Kadallặng, “they didn’t ‘follow’ him. They drove sầu hlặng there

Kadallặng believes Thomas, 56, is really homeless but that the entire video clip was staged.

“I think the manner in how they portrayed the entire Clip is deceitful,” Kadalim says, “And dishonest.”

Thomas’ brother, Kevin Nickel, reached out lớn CBS2.

“This isn’t right,” he said.

“In a surprising twist,” Butler reported, “he says his brother’s real name is Kenny Nickel. He said his brother is an alcoholic & lived with their parents until both died last summer.”

He said his brother was arrested for public intoxication & put in jail. Butler was unable khổng lồ confirm his arrest record.

“He’s sitting on money,” Kevin said, not sure if his brother is even aware of the Indiegogo money being collected on his behalf. “But this is a scam. This money needs khổng lồ go lớn people who really need it.”

Kevin fears his brother is being manipulated and that if he does get the money he uses it khổng lồ get help.

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