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Hannah và her friends are just four girls trying lớn figure out what they want--from life...from men...from themselves. From actor/writer/director Lena Dunham và comedy veterans Judd Apatow và Jenni Konner comes this contemporary coming-of-age comedy series that follows these 20-somethings struggling through their post-collegiate years in thành phố new york City.

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Life lessons, perfect food pairings and favorite couples: kiểm tra out these guides for all six seasons of Girls.

Whether you’ve watched Girls before and want to lớn revisit the series, or you’re just trò chơi to watch five excellent episodes of standalone TV, these are the series-defining bottle episodes you must see.

Take the full journey & wander your way through the thành phố with this fun maps of iconic series locations. Spoilers follow.


Elisabeth Moss & Ebon Moss-Bachrach star in a short film exploring the mysterious romance between two strangers as they wander through Tokyo.
An uplifting documentary about a Brooklyn tailoring company that helps members of the LGBTQ community look the way they feel.
It’s Me, Hilary: The Man Who Drew Eloise shines a light on the talented và inspired artist, Hilary Knight, who was responsible for illustrating beloved children’s book character Eloise.

Series Premiere. Struggling writer Hannah is cut off financially; free-spirited friend Jessa returns lớn NYC; Marnie hosts dinner.

2.Vagina Panic

Hannah worries about the efficacy of condoms; Marnie plans a day for the girls at a women's health clinic.

3.All Adventurous Women Do

Hannah tracks down her former college flame; a cocky artist piques Marnie's interest; Jessa baby-sits.

4.Hannah's Diary

Hannah takes up 'sexting'; Shoshanna runs into a boy from summer camp; Jessa gets distracted on the job; Ray & Charlie snoop.

6.The Return

Hannah gets an idea as to what her life might be lượt thích if she'd stuck around her hometown in Michigan.

7.Welcome khổng lồ Bushwick a.k.a. The Crackcident

The girls face surprising revelations và a few inquiries at a wild party in Bushwick.

8.Weirdos Need Girlfriends Too

Hannah & Adam grow closer; Jessa & Marnie come together in Hannah's absence in some unexpected ways.

9.Leave Me Alone

Hannah decides to lớn take some chances after colliding with Marnie over rent money và seeing a former classmate get published.

10.She Did

Season 1 finale. Jessa throws a mystery tiệc ngọt where the girls realize their dreams are not what they imagined.

Written by Lena Dunham & Jenni KonnerDirected by Lena Dunham

Hannah's getting along great with her new boyfriend, Sandy, until he tells her he "loves how weird she is," và Hannah balks. She doesn't want him to lớn say "love." She wants to bởi this relationship differently và make smarter choices, like to not show up at his apartment in the middle of the night.

Marnie has lunch with her boss, Reese, from the art gallery. Reese forgets the entire purpose of the occasion until the end: she is "downsizing" Marnie.

Feeling guilty over Adam's accident, Hannah continues to lớn care for him while he is convalescing. When she tries to draw a boundary, Adam insists they should still be together because Hannah is his "main hang."

New roomies Elijah and Hannah throw a party at their newly re-decorated apartment, which creates a few awkward reunions. Shoshanna spends the night trying khổng lồ avoid Ray. Marnie worries that she & Hannah have grown apart because they no longer live together, and she needs extra tư vấn now that she's lost both her boyfriend and her job. Meanwhile, she struggles khổng lồ remain nonchalant around Charlie và his new girlfriend Audrey.

George, Elijah's much older boyfriend, gets drunk và causes a scene. Hannah locks him out of the các buổi tiệc nhỏ but is trapped in the vestibule as George taunts her through the door. When he finally gives up, Hannah heads khổng lồ Adam's khổng lồ drop off some supplies và take more abuse. When Adam tells her, "You're the best thing in my life. I'll die if you go away," she explodes and storms out, telling him she never wants to see him again.

Ray confronts Shoshanna about unfriending him on Facebook. They argue, but as she tries to leave, Ray sweeps her into his arms for a kiss.

Elijah và Marnie perform a drunken duet in the now-empty apartment. Elijah reveals he's still sometimes attracted lớn women, including Marnie. They start khổng lồ have sex, but Elijah loses his erection - he accuses Marnie of rolling her eyes at him. Afterwards, she heads to Charlie's looking for comfort: "I'm not here khổng lồ cause any trouble. I know you have a girlfriend. But I just need to sleep next to lớn someone tonight."

Thomas-John & Jessa return to thủ đô new york from their honeymoon, giddy and in love. Jessa tries to give the cab driver directions but realizes she doesn't even know where they live.

Hannah shows up at Sandy's - in violation of her rule about not showing up in the middle of the night - on the premise of borrowing The Fountainhead. While he looks for it, she takes off her clothes & waits for him in bed.

Written by Jenni KonnerDirected by Lena Dunham

George dumps Elijah for having sex with Marnie, despite Elijah's argument that it didn't last long enough to count & that he might be bisexual.

Adam writes a breakup album for Hannah & sends her a series of sinister videos of himself performing each song. She worries that Adam is not murder-y in a sexy way lượt thích she once thought, but murder-y in a murder way. Elijah deflects her questions about why George dumped him.

Marnie receives her first rejection when, during a job interview, a gallery owner says she doesn't see Marnie in the "Art World." When she worries about what to vị next, Ray & Shoshanna advise her khổng lồ get a "pretty person job" to lớn pay the bills in the meantime. She takes a job as a scantily-clad hostess in an upscale, private club.

Hannah visits Jessa & Thomas-John for the first time since their quickie wedding. Jessa assures a doubtful Hannah that's she's never been happier: "This is what it's lượt thích when the hunt is over." The story's a little different when it comes to Hannah's relationship: Jessa thinks it's totally fine that Sandy's a Republican but crazy that he hasn't read the essay that she gave him three days ago. "If he's not reading your essays, he's not reading you."

Hannah confronts Sandy about her essay. He admits he read it but didn't like it, and he didn't want lớn talk about it because he was afraid Hannah would "get weird." Pretending lớn take his criticism in stride, she instead flips out about Sandy's conservative political views. When she makes a misguided bình luận about minorities on death row, Sandy accuses her of fetishizing him because he's black, & they break up.

Marnie & Elijah talk about how to handle their "situation" with Hannah. Marnie doesn't want there lớn be a secret between them, but Elijah convinces her that Hannah is too thin-skinned to lớn handle the truth.

Adam shows up at Hannah's late that night and lets himself in with the key she gave him while they were together. He apologizes for the hostile songs but refuses to abandon his pursuit because to vị so would be to "shirk self-respect." Hannah dials 911 but hangs up after the first ring.

Once Hannah chases Adam around her apartment, shoves him repeatedly and screams at him lớn go away, he finally seems khổng lồ realize that she's serious. As he's about the leave, the police show up in response to her 911 hang-up. Though Hannah denies calling 911 or that there is a problem, Adam is nonetheless arrested - for two unpaid parking tickets and an ignored summons for public urination.

Written by Lena Dunham & Sarah HeywardDirected by Jesse Peretz

Hannah interviews with the eccentric editor of jazzhate.com. It's just a freelance assignment for a blog, but Hannah's about to lớn have her first paid writing job—as soon as she can figure out what to write about. The editor encourages her lớn work outside of her comfort zone, as that is where the magic happens. She suggests that Hannah have a threesome with some strangers from Craigslist, or snort a bunch of coke & write about it. Inspired by the latter, Hannah takes a lead from Marnie & pays a visit to lớn Laird, the misunderstood junkie who lives on the ground floor of her building.Marnie runs into the artist Booth Jonathan at her new hostess gig. When he suggests Marnie took the easy route by taking a job at the club instead of finding a curatorial job, she snaps back, defending herself và insulting his work. Turned on by her attitude, Booth asks Marnie how long it's been since she had sex. As Marnie feigns resistance, he drags her out of the club and home with him khổng lồ rectify the situation.

With the coke procurement out of the way, though not before Hannah manages lớn insult her odd but sweet—and now clean—neigvserpuhove.comr Laird, she & Elijah plan their evening. They agree that nothing but human decency is stopping them from starting in the afternoon, so they get high & make a lot of plans for their lives. Elijah admits he wants to lớn raise Affenpinscher show dogs; Hannah would lượt thích to finally learn to write a check without having khổng lồ look at the previous carbon.

Later, they head to the Greenhouse lớn see DJ duo Andrew Andrew. While snorting lines off a filthy nhà vệ sinh seat, Elijah reveals that he had sex with Marnie, và Hannah flips out. Their fight spills out of the stall và towards the sinks, where Hannah, out of her mind, douses her head và screams at Elijah that she hates him. In a nearby drugstore, Hannah protests that she was supposed to have been Elijah's "last." When she spots Laird in the next aisle, he claims to lớn be buying socks, but he's really been following her all night out of concern for her safety. Hannah, who has been trying lớn reach Marnie since Elijah revealed their secret, gets a response announcing that she's at Booth's, & the trio heads lớn his place.Marnie is mortified that Hannah has arrived at Booth's coked up và with Laird the junkie in tow. Hannah is on a mission & launches into a tirade about what a bad friend Marnie is, forcing her lớn acknowledge a multitude of perceived transgressions và that she is indeed a bad friend. Hannah tells Elijah he'll be moving out immediately since he's ruined everything, from her friendship with Marnie to her relationship with cocaine, which could have been her favorite drug. She storms out with Laird.Back at their building, Hannah refuses Laird's handshake & starts kissing him sloppily instead. When he asks if it's all right for him khổng lồ kiss back, she allows it, but just for tonight—for work.

Written by Bruce Eric Kaplan & Lesley ArfinDirected by Jesse Peretz

Hannah recognizes she made a mistake trying to lớn "repurpose" Elijah and forces him to lớn move out. Despite her protests, he won't be paying rent this month - he's done the math và decided they're even, since he paid for all of her pricey burritos và their butt plug junior year.

To celebrate her article being published on jazzhate.com, Hannah throws a dinner party. The drama starts the minute Charlie, Audrey, & Marnie unexpectedly find themselves in the same room together and only gets worse when Hannah won't let anyone leave.

Jessa meets Thomas-John's parents for the first time over an uncomfortable dinner at a steakhouse. His mother can hardly hide her disdain for Jessa & suggests very un-subtly that she is a gold digger. Realizing quickly the night is doomed, Jessa goes the extra mile to regale the group with the most shocking details of her past. When she casually mentions that she left Oberlin to check into rehab for a heroin problem, an already incensed Thomas-John is sent over the edge.

Audrey confronts Marnie about her sleepover at Charlie's and accuses her of stalking him. When Hannah refuses to lớn take sides about which of the girls should leave, Marnie storms up khổng lồ the roof, with Charlie not far behind.

When Hannah asks Ray about his apartment, he reveals he had to lớn move out but dodges the question of where exactly he's living. Shoshanna is shocked lớn suddenly realize that her boyfriend lives with her - & appalled that she had no warning or time to prepare.

Charlie và Marnie open up about their feelings on the roof, but when he tries to lớn kiss her, she reveals she's seeing Booth Jonathan. Stricken, Charlie storms back to lớn the buổi tiệc nhỏ and discovers Audrey has left.

Jessa & Thomas-John fight viciously about the disastrous evening with his parents. She accuses him of being judgmental & dull; Thomas-John calls her a whore with no work ethic và declares their marriage to lớn be the worst mistake of his life. She decks him in the face, and he asks how much money it would take for her lớn leave.

While waiting for the subway after the dinner party, Shoshanna confronts Ray about his lack of ambition. As Ray acknowledges that he's a loser and wonders what makes him worth anything, Shoshanna admits she's falling in love with him.

Written by Lena DunhamDirected by Richard Shepard

A handsome, fortyish guy comes into Grumpy's to lớn talk lớn Ray neigvserpuhove.comr-to-neigvserpuhove.comr. He is upset that someone has been putting the shop's trash in his cans. When Ray denies the accusation, the man threatens khổng lồ report Ray for illegally serving alcohol when his band plays at Grumpy's. After the man storms out, Hannah leaves too, protesting that she can't work in such a toxic environment.Hannah follows the neigvserpuhove.comr, Joshua, home. She has something to tell him but isn't sure how, so he invites her in. After considering whether or not she is putting herself in a Ted Bundy situation, Hannah accepts.Inside, she reveals she's the one putting the trash in Joshua's cans. At first, she didn't want to lớn admit to Ray that she'd lost her dumpster key, & then she began to lớn enjoy the thrill of dumping the trash và running away. As she's about to leave, Hannah abruptly kisses Joshua, surprising both of them and leading to a fierce make-out session.After they have sex, Joshua reveals that he's a doctor & has recently separated from his wife. Hannah is shocked & a little impressed by the news and herself. He and Hannah spend the day together, touring the house & grilling steaks in the backyard. After dinner, Hannah decides it's time to lớn leave. When he asks her to lớn stay, she makes him earn it by begging.In the morning, Joshua calls in sick & convinces Hannah to bởi vì the same. After an energetic trò chơi of nude ping pong, Hannah takes a shower in Joshua's fancy bathroom. When she experiments with the control panel in the shower, she accidentally turns the sauna on so high that she passes out.Joshua strokes Hannah's hair while she recovers; his kindness overwhelms her và she starts to lớn cry. She admits that she wants to be happy, and the admission upsets her because she believes it is her job as a writer to lớn collect horrible experiences for others và "feel all the things." When she tells Joshua she felt lonely up until they met, she can see the spell between them break. Though he asks her lớn stay over again, the next morning, Hannah wakes khổng lồ find Joshua has left for work. She takes her time leaving before gathering his trash & putting it outside one last time.

Written by Murray MillerDirected by Claudia WeillHannah has brunch with an editor who loves her essays và wants her to write an e-book... In a month.In bed together, Marnie và Booth are interrupted by Soo Jin, his sassy assistant. He flips out over the tiny bite she took of his rosewater ice cream, and she promptly quits. With Soo Jin gone, Booth asks Marnie to play hostess at the các buổi party he's throwing that night, và she is thrilled to oblige.

Ray is forced to lớn go to lớn Adam's in search of his copy of Little Women, which Hannah left there but refuses lớn retrieve for awkwardness reasons. Unfortunately, the book is in Adam's bathroom—along with a vicious dog he stole after deciding that its owner was mistreating it. After Ray convinces Adam to return the dog to lớn its home, Adam insists he come along as back-up—the owner looked tough.The boys head lớn Ray's least favorite borough khổng lồ return the dog: Staten Island. During the journey, Ray is surprised to lớn discover that he & Adam aren't so different after all. He suggests it's because they're both honest men; Adam thinks it's because they're both kind of weird looking. The harmony between them quickly goes south, though, once Ray speaks ill of Hannah và Adam becomes angry và defensive. Adam runs off, leaving Ray with the dog.Hannah shows up khổng lồ Marnie and Booth's tiệc ngọt but instantly feels out of place in the artsy crowd as Marnie, in a strange plastic dress, is totally preoccupied by her new friends. She takes off khổng lồ go home and work on her e-book. When Booth thanks Marnie for her help with the buổi tiệc ngọt and asks if he can throw her $500, Marnie is stunned to realize that Booth doesn't think of her as his girlfriend.When Ray finally locates the dog's home, the owner's brash daughter refuses khổng lồ take him back, threatening Ray with a gun & firing a barrage of insults and slurs at him. Ray is surprised by how much her words hurt và finds himself stuck on Staten Island with the dog as night falls.Hannah calls Marnie khổng lồ talk, but neither manages to lớn be honest with the other. Hannah claims she left the buổi tiệc ngọt because she was inspired khổng lồ write, & Marnie, heading home from Booth's, claims she is in his garden watching fireflies.

Written by Bruce Eric KaplanDirected by Richard Shepard

Jessa takes a trip upstate to visit her father, Salvatore, after she receives a rare và mysterious text from him. She interprets his text, an incoherent jumble of letters, as a sign from the universe; much to lớn her dismay, Hannah, who has accompanied her, suggests that he may have simply sent her a butt text.

Petula, Sal's new-agey girlfriend, is grateful that Hannah has come & thanks her for being "the cushion," since she và Jessa have a tenuous relationship. Hannah meets Petula's awkward, turtleneck-wearing teenage son, Frank, whom she finds attractive despite Jessa's observation about his camel toe.

During dinner, Frank's friend Tyler comes khổng lồ pick him up & they invite the girls khổng lồ hang out. Jessa declines, explaining that she came khổng lồ spend time with her father, but Sal and Petula reveal that they already have plans. Sal refuses khổng lồ cancel them, pointing out his daughter's penchant for canceling on him almost every time she's planned a visit.

The girls join Frank và Tyler và speed around in Tyler's convertible doing Whip-its. Hannah freaks out about their irresponsible behavior & demands they stop the car. She runs into the woods with Frank in pursuit. They find themselves in a cemetery, where they wind up having eight seconds of sex. Back at the car, Hannah reveals she had sex with Frank, assuming Jessa had done the same with Tyler. She didn't, và is disgusted by Hannah for sleeping with a child.

At breakfast, Frank accuses Hannah of using him for sex. Hannah, in disbelief, thinks he's kidding until she realizes that she took his virginity despite his claims that he had already had sex with a girl named Rihanna who lives nearby.

Jessa confronts her father about their damaged relationship. She accuses him of never being there when she needs him and resents his tendency to lớn run away whenever things get tough. He convinces her to stay a bit longer so that he can make her favorite meal, bangers and mash, to trang điểm for his poor parenting. He drops the girls off at the market for supplies, but when they come out of the store, he's gone.

That afternoon, after their long walk back from the store, Hannah looks for Jessa - it's time lớn head lớn the train station. She finds only a chú ý that reads, "See you around my love."

Hannah calls her parents from the station to lớn tell them that despite their differences, she loves them and has always felt supported by them. Suspicious that Hannah's up to something, her mother throws down the phone.

Directed by Jesse PeretzWritten by Lena Dunham, Steve Rubinshteyn, Deborah SchoenemanHannah is unraveling. She's doing everything—looking over her shoulder on the street, eating chips, opening her door—in sets of eight. Meanwhile, Shoshanna reveals lớn Marnie that Charlie has sold an app, Forbid, khổng lồ an "esteemed tycoon" for a lot of money.Ray & Shoshanna bump into her classmate, Radhika, who invites them lớn a party she's throwing that night. Ray refuses to lớn go—it's creepy for an "old guy" to lớn go to college parties —so Shoshanna goes alone.Adam attends an AA meeting và bares his soul about his tumultuous relationship with Hannah. His speech catches the attention of a jaunty older woman, who finds him "cuter than a dimple on a bug's ass" and wants to set him up with her daughter, Natalia.Marnie shows up uninvited lớn see Charlie at his hip, new office. Charlie reveals that she inspired the tiện ích he sold, Forbid, which allows a user khổng lồ block the phone number of someone you shouldn't call—an ex, a former boss, etc.—and is unlocked only when the user pays ten dollars.Hannah's parents are in town, & the three attend a Judy Collins concert together. During the show, they notice Hannah's anxious behavior và that she is counting to lớn eight. But when they question her about whether her OCD is back, she gets defensive và denies that anything untoward is going on.Shoshanna leaves Radhika's buổi tiệc nhỏ early—she's just not a các buổi party girl, & Radhika isn't interested in hearing about her troubles with Ray. On her way out, she's stopped by the young, hot doorman & the two flirt awkwardly, then make out wildly in a supply closet.Adam calls Natalia, và they agree to lớn meet for dinner. The two hit it off instantly—a happy surprise & a relief for both.Marnie returns to Shoshanna's apartment to lớn find Ray alone. She complains that people who have it together, like herself, always seem to lớn fail while "sad messes" like Charlie succeed. Ray puts an kết thúc to her pity party, insisting she take kích hoạt and pursue her own dreams. Marnie reveals she wants to be a singer—and Ray is surprised to lớn learn that she actually has a good voice.Hannah's parents drag her lớn see a psychiatrist, where she admits that her e-book giảm giá might be making her a little anxious. She continues to deny that the OCD symptoms she experienced in high school have returned, however, and implores the doctor to lớn tell her parents that she's fine.

Written by Lena Dunham & Jenni KonnerDirected by Lena Dunham

Hannah meets with her e-book advertiser who hates the pages she's sent him và wants her lớn novelize her sexual escapades instead.

Marnie shows up at the Forbid office, annoyed with Charlie for missing their lunch date. To make it up lớn her, he invites her khổng lồ a company các buổi party in celebration of Forbid hitting 20,000 monthly average users.

An anxious Hannah holes up in her empty apartment khổng lồ work on her e-book as the pressure mounts. After getting, then removing, a splinter in her butt, she goes too far with a Q-tip while cleaning out her ears & has khổng lồ visit the emergency room alone. The doctor tells her she has an abraded eardrum, worsening her anxiety.

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Adam & Natalia, now officially a couple, go to lớn her friend's engagement các buổi party in a Brooklyn bar. The experience proves awkward và uncomfortable for Adam, sober & out of place.

Marnie attends the Forbid party with Shoshanna và Ray, who's hostile to Charlie in the face of his success. Shoshanna spends the night avoiding Ray và flirting with other guys, including—accidentally—Charlie.

On her way trang chủ from the ER, Hannah runs into Adam outside of the engagement party. He's concerned about her well-being, và she is upset khổng lồ discover he has a new girlfriend. When Adam goes back inside, he orders a drink, telling Natalia he just wants to lớn have a good time with her.

Marnie commandeers the mic at the Forbid party, singing a dramatic và ill-advised arrangement of Kanye West's "Stronger" in honor of Charlie's premature success. Post-performance, Charlie confronts Marnie, telling her to get her s*** together, và the two have fast và furious sex on his desk.

Ray confronts Shoshanna about her strange behavior over the last week. She half confesses to lớn her infidelity by telling him that she held hands with a doorman & is worried that Ray thinks she's a whore. Amused, Ray asks if she still wants khổng lồ be with him, & feeling cornered, Shoshanna says yes.

An inebriated Adam takes Natalia back khổng lồ his cluttered, dark apartment, which creeps her out. He orders her to lớn get on all fours và crawl to lớn his bed, where he pressures her into aggressive, degrading sex. When Natalia tells him she didn't enjoy it, Adam, realizing he's crossed a serious line, asks if she's done with him.

Home from the ER, Hannah's mental health continues lớn deteriorate as she fixates on cleaning out her good ear.

Written by Lena Dunham & Judd ApatowDirected by Lena DunhamHannah's hit rock bottom—she's unwashed, having difficulty hearing with her abraded eardrum, và making some really hypochondriacal Google searches. When her quảng cáo trên internet demands the new pages she promised, she blames the lack of progress on her ear injury—and he threatens khổng lồ sue her for the $5,000 advance she was paid.Adam finds himself less enchanted with Natalia after she refuses khổng lồ play along with his dirty talk, insisting on calling the shots herself. Things aren't as positive between Ray and Shoshanna, who finally admits to lớn Ray that his lack of ambition is wearing on her.Hannah asks her father khổng lồ borrow five thousand dollars in order khổng lồ return the e-book advance and take the pressure off, but he accuses her of being manipulative và refuses.At brunch with Charlie, Marnie is happy that they've had their experiences & are ready lớn settle down, but Charlie scoffs at the notion. Marnie realizes she's misinterpreted the meaning of their reunion and causes a scene in the restaurant. When she breaks down and admits that she loves him và wants lớn be with him forever, Charlie tells her that that's all he ever wanted lớn hear & that he loves her too.At Grumpy's, Ray informs his boss, Hermie, that he is going khổng lồ quit & finish his Ph.D. In Latin Studies. Hermie talks him out of it, because Shoshanna doesn't want an academic - she wants a guy who can provide for her. Hermie tells Ray he's planning to expand and wants Ray to run the new location. Ray is pleased by the promotion & excited to giới thiệu the news with Shoshanna.Hannah, alone & at an all-time low, is inspired to chop her hair into a pixie cut, calling on Laird for assistance with the back. Laird declares that he had feelings for Hannah until he realized how rotten her insides were.When Ray tells Shoshanna about his new job, she's forced khổng lồ confront him with her true feelings. She doesn't want to be with someone so pessimistic, who hates everything, from colors khổng lồ pillows lớn all his living relatives—she can't be the only thing he likes. When she suggests that he go into therapy và that maybe they'll get back together someday, Ray balks & storms out, his cardboard cutout of Andy Kaufman tucked under his arm.A despondent Hannah calls Adam, who quickly realizes that her OCD has returned and sprints across half of Brooklyn khổng lồ her aid. He kicks the apartment door in when she refuses to xuất hiện it và finds her hiding under her comforter. He declares that he's always been there for her & takes her in his arms khổng lồ kiss her.

Written by Lena DunhamDirected by Lena Dunham

Now living together in Hannah's apartment, Hannah & Adam relish in their newfound domestic bliss. Under Adam's supervision, Hannah dutifully takes her OCD medication. Marnie sleeps fitfully on the couch at her mother Evie's house, nestled under her Rainbow Brite blanket. Shoshanna carefully extricates herself from atop the upper bunk in a college boy's dorm room.

Hannah works a shift at Ray's new coffee house when Adam drops by lớn borrow her keys after dropping his set down a subway grate. He is then spotted by his ex-girlfriend Natalia and her friend Angie, who together unleash a tirade of insults at Adam. Natalia warns Hannah that Adam is "an off-the-wagon, Neanderthal sex addict sociopath who's going lớn f*ck you like he's never met you and like he doesn't love his own mother." Ray comps their coffee and the pair storms out, leaving Hannah visibly shaken.

Evie chastises Marnie over what she perceives as a lack of ambition following her break-up with Charlie. Evie is sick of talking about it, explaining lớn Marnie that Charlie is just the first of trăng tròn guys who's going lớn "f*ck you over." Marnie insists she's already fixed everything. She has a job where she's respected, she has friends, và she's getting her own apartment in the city. But Evie expects more from her daughter. After all, she gave Marnie her middle name, Marie, "a name with a legacy of strength & independence." Later, Marnie arrives late lớn the job where she's respected—working the counter at Ray's coffee house, swapping in for Hannah at the end of her shift.

Jessa sits in group therapy at a rehab facility, bored out of her mind và skeptical of the process. She claims to lớn have "figured her shit out" by the age of 5 và mocks her fellow patients, including "Methface" Mindy và Kelvyn, "a dark horse of society, & not in a good way." She's sent to lớn the office of Dr. Sterns, the director of the facility, who laments Jessa's lack of progress & inappropriate behavior. Jessa explains she's only doing the program because her grandmother will reward her with a plane ticket, rent, & Uggs upon completion.

Hannah has a meeting at a candy store with David Pressler-Goings, the editor who threatened to lớn sue her during her OCD spell. He now finds himself excited by the prospect of working with Hannah's mental illness and impressed with the progress she's made on her e-book. They bite into their chocolate cups và Hannah heads khổng lồ a meeting with her therapist, Dr. Rice. She admits she's worried about money due to Adam's lack of financial support, but Dr. Rice agrees that Adam is a comforting & stabilizing presence in Hannah's life.

Jessa causes yet another ruckus at group therapy. After being encouraged to chia sẻ her feelings with the rest of the group, Jessa accuses another patient, Laura, of being a closeted lesbian on trương mục of her lack of interest in sex with her hockey player boyfriend, as well as her vest. Laura tosses coffee in Jessa's face & storms out. Later, she enjoys a cigarette and a game of checkers with Jasper, an older British patient. He tells her that she needs to lớn "learn when honesty is righteous và when honesty is nothing more than a tiệc nhỏ trick." He asks her to reflect on her life through "the kaleidoscope of her own daddy issues."

Jessa goes to Laura's room lớn apologize. They find some common ground, swapping stories about their uncles, and Laura finally admits that she suspects she may be a lesbian after all. Jessa rewards Laura for her grand revelation by going down on her before being caught by a staff member.

Hannah & a reluctant Adam host dinner at their apartment và invite Marnie và Shoshanna along. Shoshanna explains her new life plan: to lớn alternate nights of sexual adventure with academic focus to lớn prepare her for the real world. A despondent Marnie drones on about the perils of love & relationships. Adam comforts her, sharing a story about his breakup with his ex-girlfriend, a Colombian Columbia student. He explains that after months of being miserable, he realized they didn't know each other as intimately as he had thought. He promises her that "really knowing someone is something else. It's a completely different thing, and when it happens, you won't be able khổng lồ miss it."

Dr. Sterns tells Jessa that she has a "pretty skewed view of the world" and kicks her out of rehab. Hannah tells Adam that she feels she really knows him, và he explains that he'd rather not see her friends for another three months. Hannah then gets a điện thoại tư vấn from Jessa at rehab, asking her to lớn come pick her up.

Written by Jenni KonnerDirected by Lena Dunham

Hannah, Adam, và Shoshanna hit the road, on their way to pick up Jessa from rehab. Adam has no qualms expressing his opinion that the girls are not quite the "models of female friendship" they claim khổng lồ be. Rather, he argues that they are interfering with Jessa's recovery.

The road trip makes a pit stop at a country restaurant, where Shoshanna encourages a frustrated Adam to choose his favorite utensil. With her mother's help, Marnie moves into her tiny new apartment, the scent of which Evie aims to lớn take from kimchi khổng lồ Sephora. Desperate for a buffer from her overbearing mother, Marnie calls Hannah khổng lồ see if she'd lượt thích to come over to kiểm tra out her new place. After lying about her whereabouts, Hannah reveals the truth about the nature of their trip. Marnie claims to lớn feel left out, before admitting that she just really didn't want anyone lớn go at all.

Hannah expresses disappointment over the unremarkable nature of the road trip, having expected it lớn provide rich material for her e-book. "This road trip is not a metaphor, it just isn't," she declares.

The trio spends the night in a motel, where Shoshanna suggests they play Truth or Dare. Adam, familiar with the game's existence but not its rules, quickly tires of it và declares lights out. Shoshanna overhears Adam complaining to lớn Hannah about the difficulties of sleep without ejaculation and she decides khổng lồ show herself out until the "cum parade has paraded on by."

Later, Hannah finds Shoshanna sitting in the motel's hallway. She asks Shoshanna if she thinks Adam is right, not about the lack of value in watching sitcoms, but that picking up Jessa might do more harm than good. Despite her binge-drinking, heavy drug use, và recent divorce, Shoshanna doesn't believe her cousin has anything khổng lồ worry about, citing rehab is a rite of passage for celebrities. She has surmised that Jessa has "probably already met Ryan Philippe, and they're probably engaged."

The next morning, Hannah, Adam, and Shoshanna are back on the road. Adam, sick of Hannah's whining, pulls over & announces they're taking a spontaneous hike. Despite Adam's joyful insistence that God is all around them, Hannah refuses lớn go along. "It's liberating," she tells him, "to say no to shit you hate."

Jasper returns khổng lồ his room to find that Jessa, who slept at the foot of his bed the night before, is still there. He admits that he was "pants-shittingly scared" that he'd return khổng lồ find that she'd left before they had the chance lớn "properly f*ck." She rebuffs him, assuring him they were never going to have sex despite his belief that it was destined from the moment they met. After learning he's been using pills, she bids him goodbye. He insists their paths will cross again.

They arrive at Sheltering Winds, where Dr. Sterns hands Jessa over to Hannah, explaining that she's been removed from the program for various offenses—including fraternizing (intense sexualized socializing, not joining a frat as Jessa tries lớn explain) and "distributing a ‘zine of provocative cartoons." She also shares the unwelcome news that Sheltering Winds employs an open-door policy and that they'd even offered to drive Jessa lớn the airport.

Hannah privately berates Jessa for lying to her as well as abandoning her at her father's house. "I just wish that you would get it that this is not okay behavior for a friend!" she says. After airing her grievances, Hannah throws her arms around her friend & tells her how much she's missed her. "I would really lượt thích it if you would please stop leaving because I'm really looking forward to you being around more." Jessa assures her she's done with all that. Adam offers to lớn bring Jessa along lớn a "meeting or whatever" và the four friends drive off back lớn New York.

Written by Lena Dunham & Jenni KonnerDirected by Jesse Peretz

Adam's Hannah-administered haircut is interrupted by a frantic phone điện thoại tư vấn from his sister, Caroline, who claims khổng lồ have been dumped by her boyfriend and left by the side of the road. Adam reluctantly supplies her with their address, và she arrives in a state of anguish over the end of her tumultuous relationship and the loss of her teaching job. Hannah tries to offer Caroline use of their spare bedroom, but Adam objects, insisting that past experience has taught him that Caroline "destroys everything in her wake."

Marnie đơn hàng with a crisis of her own as she makes a futile attempt lớn have her poorly received music đoạn clip cover of Edie Brickell's "What I Am" removed from YouTube. She refuses to contact Charlie, who paid for & posted the video, lớn ask for the password that would be necessary lớn scrub this painful vestige of their relationship from the public record.

Hannah lies to lớn Caroline, saying they've already got a houseguest booked in the size of her old gymnastics friend, Kerrity. Caroline reveals some bruises on her thigh caused by a "provoked physical attack from someone love." Unable khổng lồ maintain her resolve, Hannah rashly invites Caroline to lớn her 25th birthday buổi tiệc ngọt that evening.

Ray talks with his boss, Hermie, about some of his fears as he takes over the new Grumpy's, which is to be named Ray's. He's scared lớn be in charge, but Hermie assures him he'll be fine và offers up some fatherly advice: "Don't hit anyone, don't shtup anyone, clean so the rats don't get tempted, và you've got yourself a business." Ray believes he can manage that.

Hannah, Adam and Caroline arrive at the bar where Marnie is hosting Hannah's birthday party, funded by Hannah's parents, Tad và Loreen. Hannah greets some revelers, including Laird và Adam's friend Tako, before she & Marnie join Jessa & Shoshanna in the back. They toast lớn Hannah, và Shoshanna expresses amazement at how little the other three have accomplished since college. Marnie, sensing an opportunity to lớn show off, suggests to lớn Hannah that they get onstage và sing "Take Me or Leave Me" from ‘Rent,' as they did at Hannah's 21st birthday, though Hannah is uninterested.

After rejecting her invitation to lớn dance, Ray is bitten by Caroline. He heads to the bar and strikes up a friendly conversation with Kobi, who turns out khổng lồ be Shoshanna's date for the evening, a man she met on the street while searching for "some dank weed." A crestfallen Ray encounters Shoshanna outside & attempts polite conversation before giving up and admitting he has no interest in being her friend.

David Pressler-Goings, Hannah's e-book editor, arrives at the tiệc nhỏ uninvited. Noticeably high, he commandeers Hannah's cell phone to tải về Grindr before heading off to enjoy some solo dancing.

Ray's evening of heartbreak và physical suffering continues when the DJ abruptly stops playing the "great" tuy vậy Ray requested in favor of a "piece of shit song." He confronts the DJ and is informed that David -- or "poor man's Anderson Cooper," as Ray calls him -- is the one khổng lồ blame for the switch. David has little interest in Ray's drunken lecture about tuy vậy request etiquette & turns his back on him during the ensuing tirade. After exchanging shoves, a frustrated Ray goes in for a punch, but David ducks and throws him into a table, leaving Ray bloody, humiliated, & deeply sad.

Despite Hannah's earlier refusal, Marnie drags her onstage lớn perform "Take Me or Leave Me." The duet largely highlights Marnie's talents, while Hannah is mostly reduced to lớn standing uncomfortably in her "Birthday Bitch" hat. Hannah is saved from further embarrassment by Tako's announcement of a fight in the next room.

Later, as Adam & Hannah walk trang chủ from the party, he presents her birthday gift -- a necklace with his baby tooth on it. "It's either mine or Caroline's," he tells her. "It's definitely my genetic material." His present is extremely well-received, & they burst into their apartment, tearing off each other's clothes. Hannah rushes off to lớn pee & finds a bottomless Caroline behind the bathroom door, crushing a glass in her hand. After a trip to the ER, Hannah allows Caroline to stay the night, much lớn Adam's chagrin. "I told you," he says, stewing. "She got in. She won."

Written by Judd Apatow & Lena DunhamDirected by Jesse Peretz

A flustered Hannah arrives late to lớn a meeting with her editor, David Pressler-Goings, though she is relieved khổng lồ learn that he has yet to lớn arrive himself. Her relief subsides, however, when she overhears the receptionist reveal to lớn a coworker that David has died.

Back at home, Hannah, still numb, regales Jessa with the details of her morning. Jessa explains that death is just "something that happens. It's lượt thích jury duty. Or floods." Adam arrives home, proudly toting a framed photograph of a young Tom Hanks. Hannah shares with him the news of David's death, though Adam's sympathy wanes when he discovers that the primary source of Hannah's distress is her confusion over the fate of her e-book, not grief over the loss of someone she "really knew." He admits being scared that Hannah might fail khổng lồ appreciate the gravity of his own death, but she tries to reassure him by revealing that she thinks about him dying "all the time."

Jessa and Shoshanna discuss their experiences with death. Shoshanna tells the story of her high school friend Kelly, who died in a car accident. Jessa opens up about the death of her "favorite friend," Season. She "loved her a lot" & used to lớn "tickle her all the time." Now Jessa doesn't even have a picture of her. Shoshanna encourages Jessa to contact Season's mom or visit her grave, or at least her Facebook "in memoriam" page. Following their talk, Jessa, in tìm kiếm of Season's burial site, calls an old friend and is shocked khổng lồ learn that Season is still alive.

Concerned about making rent now that her e-book giảm giá khuyến mãi may be in limbo, Hannah picks up an extra shift at Ray's. She admits to Ray that she feels nothing over David's death. Disgusted by her "sociopathic detachment," he asks her, "You don't think it's slightly odd that I feel worse than you bởi vì right now, & the one time I met this dude, he hurled me across the room into a small table?"

Jessa tracks down Season và finds her living in a well-appointed brownstone, married with a baby. Jessa is furious with Season for faking her death as a means of avoiding her. Season explains that she had a terrible drug problem & desperately needed to get away from Jessa & her enabling tendencies. Jessa objects, but Season reminds her of the time she told her she needed counseling and Jessa took her to lớn an ayahuasca ceremony. Jessa storms out, telling Season that "none of this is going lớn work out" for her.

Hannah runs into Laird in the hallway & shares the news of David's passing. Saddened, he swallows her in a big hug. Laird understands. His "whole life has been death." He's lost everyone, including his turtle, which he didn't even think was possible. Caroline, on her way out for her "afternoon constitutional," invites Hannah, Laird, & his turtle carcass (entombed in an empty Pom bottle) khổng lồ join her.

Caroline leads the motley crew to a cemetery, where they frolic among the headstones. Hannah admits lớn Caroline that she fears Adam won't want to lớn be with her once he realizes she can't match "his strength of emotion." While lying in the grass, Caroline shares the tragic story of her & Adam's cousin, Margaret, who died of muscular dystrophy at age 12. She explains that Adam spent every moment with her & even took her khổng lồ his senior prom. She died a week later, "clutching the wilted corsage he had given her in one hand, while holding his in the other." Laird is moved to lớn tears, while Hannah can only bring herself khổng lồ muster up a "that sucks." Bewildered over Hannah's inability khổng lồ foster an emotionally appropriate reaction lớn such a sad tale, Caroline admits she made the whole thing up.

While working a shift at Ray's, Marnie hears the faint yet familiar sounds of her humiliating YouTube clip emanating from Ray's office. She heads back lớn find Ray & Hermie sharing a good chuckle over her misfortune. They try and fail lớn conceal their delight over her "music fail," và Marnie quits in a rage, insisting that "fancy people want khổng lồ work with" her và she intends to "give them that pleasure."

Hannah returns trang chủ to find Adam sitting glumly on their stoop. In an attempt lớn forge an emotional connection with him, she tries khổng lồ bring herself to lớn cry over David's death. Unable khổng lồ really let the tears fly, she switches gears & retells Caroline's fake cousin story, this time casting herself as the sympathetic, emotionally generous anh hùng as a compassionate Adam listens on.

Written by Murray MillerDirected by Tricia Brock

Hannah và Adam attend David's funeral where they meet a beautiful woman, Annaliese, who they are shocked to lớn learn is David's widow. Annaliese is overcome with emotion upon meeting Hannah until she realizes that she is not who she thinks she is -- an "amazing girl" named Paige who was writing a memoir about her struggles with obesity & Tourette's syndrome. As they take their seats, Adam openly questions David's sexuality. Hannah is equally surprised. "He had gay apps on his iPhone and he liked to show his ankles, but what does that even mean in this day và age?"

After the service, Hannah approaches Annaliese, who accidentally reveals that David's company has dropped all of his projects, including Hannah's e-book. Incredulous, Hannah asks the grieving widow for a new publishing tương tác so that she can -- in a poorly chosen turn of phrase -- keep her book alive. "If I give you another name," Annaliese asks, "will you get the f*ck out of here?"

While out for a walk with Shoshanna, Jessa spots a Help Wanted sign in the window of Sweet Emma, a children's clothing store. Phối on making real changes in her life, Jessa decides that this is a job she must have. Shoshanna questions the wisdom of the plan, asking, "Are you sure that's the kind of job you should be having? Being near things that children are near?"

Exhausted by Adam and Caroline's increasingly hostile family squabbles, Hannah invites the Sackler siblings lớn take a seat at the "listening table." She proudly claims khổng lồ have watched enough ‘Dr. Phil' và ‘Intervention' lớn know that any problem can be resolved through the art of communication. However, the faux therapy session quickly unravels when Caroline accuses her brother of harboring sexual fantasies about her. Hannah makes some headway in squashing this familial beef after expressing the loneliness that she's always felt as an only child.

Amidst the chaos, Marnie calls và demands that Hannah come over và meet her new kitten. When Hannah explains she's in the middle of a "very real moment," Marnie hangs up on her. Gazing upon her new feline companion, Marnie coos, "You're my best friend."

The following day, Hannah takes a meeting with a new publisher. They are big fans of Hannah's book, but because they don't bởi e-books, they express interest in publishing her work as "an actual book that you can hold." Hannah is ecstatic. "I just said yes khổng lồ an e-book because it was better than a no-book!"

Marnie, lonely & distraught after months of heartbreak and rejection, finds herself searching for answers. She tracks down the one person who she believes will tell her exactly what is wrong with her. She arrives at Ray's door and he rattles off a list of cold, hard truths, concluding that she's a "huge, fat, f*cking phony." He softens the blow by assuring her that he still likes her, since he knows that her flaws come from a deep well of insecurity và that she's a good person at heart. He offers Marnie a hug, which quickly leads to sex. Afterwards, when Ray suggests they keep their tryst a secret, Marnie is more than happy to lớn oblige. "Go f*ck yourself. Like I'd advertise this?"

After her meeting, Hannah receives a gọi from her dad, who explains that cousin Rudy has looked over her old contract with David's company & discovered that they retain the rights to her book for the next three years. Hannah doesn't take this news well, insulting cousin Rudy's credentials as a Subway sandwiches franchise lawyer và questioning her father's sanity.

Back at home, Hannah đánh giá her contract và confirms Rudy's damning revelation. She vents her frustration to lớn Caroline, who encourages her lớn write another book và shares the story of her failed audition for ‘Independence Day," before attempting to turn Hannah against Adam. Sick of Caroline's bullshit, Hannah tells her to lớn "get the f*ck out" of her apartment.

When Adam arrives home, Hannah, expecting him to lớn be thrilled, announces that she threw Caroline out. But she's miscalculated -- Adam is furious. "I'm supposed to be taking care of her. She's my sister. Vị you understand that?"

Written by Paul SimmsDirected by Jamie Babbit

After bungling yet another coffee order, Hannah pulls Ray aside to lớn tell him she's been hired to write for GQ, for a new section called Field Guide to the Urban Man. Ray doubts the likelihood of GQ hiring Hannah khổng lồ be a staff writer và pushes her lớn reveal who is sponsoring what is clearly an advertorial. She admits Neiman Marcus is the benefactor. "Do you think I'm f*cking excited?" she barks at him. "Do you think that I think this is the best use of my literary voice và my myriad talents?"

The following morning, Ray calls Marnie to "check in," looking khổng lồ make sure that their sexual dalliance hasn't affected their friendship. Marnie reminds him that they weren't friends khổng lồ begin with & asks if he really cares about what's going on in her life. Ray insists that he's just trying to lớn follow "the protocols of a gentleman and a squire" before giving up & admitting that he doesn't actually care about what's going on in her life. After hanging up, he calls back immediately khổng lồ apologize, saying that he does truly care. Marnie dares him khổng lồ prove it.

Hannah is feeling lost và out of place during her first day at GQ until a friendly fellow coworker, Joe, introduces himself & takes her on a tour of her new corporate surroundings. Hannah is most intrigued by the snack room, where she is astonished to lớn learn that all the treats are free. Moments later, Hannah arrives to a meeting with an armful of snacks, worried that she might have overdone it.

Hannah's boss, Janice, kicks off the meeting và asks everyone khổng lồ contribute "types" for the Field Guide. Hannah pitches several successful ideas, impressing all of her colleagues, save for a jealous Kevin. Janice rejects his contribution ("The mod Hatter"), explaining that's not a type, but rather "just some guy you saw."

Shoshanna hangs out with Jessa at Sweet Emma, upset over the success of Ray's new business. "Ray is being written about in popular service publications, và my life is a mess," Shoshanna laments. "I know that that was a personal choice, but I feel lượt thích maybe it is time for me khổng lồ unchoose that choice." This unchoosing will begin to lớn manifest itself with her pursuit of a mature, committed relationship. She considers a recent fling, Parker, but worries that he's so stupid that their "children wouldn't get into pre-school."

Seeking to prove his good intentions, Ray heads khổng lồ Marnie's tiny apartment, vegan muffins in tow. Marnie is skeptical of Ray's good nature. They settle in for an afternoon of ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' on Marnie's laptop.

Hannah arrives trang chủ from work, excited after a mostly successful first day. Her enthusiasm wanes after Adam tells her about the audition he "bailed" on because he didn't find it challenging enough. Hannah offers a new "cool, fun challenge:" getting a real job, though the suggestion falls on large, deaf ears.

The next morning, Hannah listens on in horror as her coworkers reveal they were all accomplished creative writers before taking jobs writing advertorials at GQ. Learning that none of them write anymore outside of the drudgery of their corporate jobs, Hannah rushes lớn the ladies room lớn gather her thoughts under the cooling waters of the bathroom faucet.

Shoshanna pitches Parker on the benefits of being in a committed relationship. "I'm down for whatever," responds Parker. The romance begins.

Hannah heads to Janice's office, intent on quitting. She explains that she's afraid she'll get "seduced by all the perks" và wind up becoming a former writer who works in corporate advertising. Janice accepts her decision, saying that plenty of other writers would love the job if Hannah wasn't interested. Hannah marches out, before immediately regretting her decision. She marches back in to lớn announce that she's reconsidered and would like to stay. Later, Joe overhears Hannah crying in her cubicle & calls to lớn console her. He assures her she can still be a writer, so long as she maintains her focus and writes every night & weekend.

At a Chinatown restaurant, Marnie và Ray cốt truyện a plate of dumplings và some family stories. The conversation turns sour when the subject of Western aid to lớn Africa is broached. Marnie accuses Ray of being a racist, while he accuses her of being dumb and shallow. Marnie gets up lớn leave, but Ray convinces her lớn take her seat. "You have no one else lớn each lunch with. Và neither vị I."

Hannah returns home to an exuberant Adam; he got a callback from an audition. "I murdered it. I cut its f*cking guts out & left it in a dumpster by the side of the road," he crows. Hannah is happy for him & explains she's starting a new routine -- three hours of writing after work every night. Her drive quickly gives way khổng lồ exhaustion, và she falls asleep on the couch while Adam recounts the details of his day.

Written by Jenni Konner & Lena Dunham & Judd ApatowDirected by Jesse Peretz

Marnie readies a gorgeous beach house for the arrival of Hannah, Shoshanna, and Jessa. She meets the girls at the bus station, where Shoshanna expresses joy at getting khổng lồ spend the weekend in the Hamptons. Marnie reminds her that they are not in the Hamptons, but rather the North Fork - a place that, to Shoshanna's dismay, does not house a J. Crew.

Upon entering the house, the girls fight over the right khổng lồ sleep in the master bedroom. Having anticipated such a squabble, Marnie explains that she has assigned everyone a room. Hannah is less than thrilled to learn that her room connects to lớn Marnie's. The girls briefly put aside their differences as they retreat khổng lồ the pool for a fun group swim.

Marnie moves the party over to the cold, rocky beach, where the girls complain about the inhospitable conditions. Tired of her friends' gripes, Marnie laments how "disconnected" they've all become. She had hoped the trip would serve as an opportunity for the foursome to "prove via Instagram" that they can still have fun together.

To prepare for Marnie's healing dinner, the girls ride bikes into town for supplies. Hannah, barefoot & still clad in her tiny green bikini, is refused entry in the grocery store. Waiting outside, Hannah overhears a group of men poking fun at her revealing outfit. When she turns around, she discovers Elijah - along with his new boyfriend Pal and two other friends - Paul and Gerald. Elijah apologizes to Hannah for sleeping with Marnie và wrecking their friendship. They settle their differences & Hannah invites him and his friends back to lớn the beach house lớn save her from the hell that is Marnie's carefully calculated weekend of reconciliation.

Fun is had by all back at the house, save of course for Marnie, who pulls Hannah aside. Marnie expresses her frustration at Hannah for inviting outsiders into their exclusive bonding weekend. Hannah argues that their presence will lighten the mood, và that it makes perfect sense for Elijah khổng lồ be involved as he was the source of their rift. Later, while Marnie prepares dinner, Elijah approaches her to lớn apologize. They bond over boyfriend stories; Elijah admits that he's in love with Pal, and Marnie once again shares the sad story of her breakup with Charlie. Elijah is happy lớn reveal that he's always hated Charlie, ever since he realized that they weren't both closet cases.

At Marnie's insistence, Gerald, a Broadway choreographer, attempts to lead the group in an elaborate dance routine. Later, drunk on red wine & Pal's signature drink (the North Fork Fizz), Marnie & Hannah have a heart-to-heart over their long-simmering feud. Marnie reveals, "I am okay. I may not seem okay và I might not be okay, but I am, like, okay."

That night, everyone, once again save for Marnie, goes skinny dipping in the pool. Hannah tells Elijah that she is worried that Pal is condescending & disrespectful of him & encourages Elijah to stick up for himself. Marnie, finished cooking dinner, calls Hannah out of the pool and urges her khổng lồ send the guys home, so the girls can get their healing back on track. Hannah ignores Marnie's orders & calls everyone in for dinner.

After a tense meal intended for four but redistributed for eight, the group performs Gerald's dance. Marnie makes a point to criticize Hannah's effort và then explodes at her for inviting the guys lớn eat with them. "Dinner was supposed to lớn be our time for honesty. But then you invited the cast of ‘Magic Mike'!" Shoshanna, sick of hearing about dinner, tears into each of the girls for treating her "like a f*cking cab driver" & calls them "a bunch of f*cking whiny nothings." A bitterly honest, rawly emotional fight ensues before the girls storm off to lớn their respective bedrooms.

Elijah tries khổng lồ talk to lớn Pal about his misgivings with his attitude towards him, but Pal blows him off after learning that Hannah - "the most ridiculous girl he's ever met" - is behind the confrontation. Scrambling, Elijah declares that he's in love with Pal, but Pal does not return the sentiment. Elijah plays it off as a joke và then kindly offers lớn fellate Pal.

The next morning, Hannah, Marnie, Jessa, and Shoshanna wake up & silently clean the house together. Later, as the girls sit in silence waiting for the bus home, Hannah begins halfheartedly going through the motions of their choreographed dance as each of her friends slowly joins in.

Written by Lena Dunham & Sarah HeywardDirected by Richard Shepard

Hannah waits at a restaurant for Patti LuPone, who she is scheduled lớn interview for an advertorial sponsored by Strenova, a bone density drug. She gets a gọi from Adam, who is waiting to be called in for his callback audition for the Broadway revival of ‘Major Barbara.' He hangs up when another actor warns him that the casting director has an aversion to cell phones in the waiting room. The man introduces himself as Desi and he and Adam cốt truyện a quiet moment of male bonding. Back at the restaurant, Hannah is dismayed khổng lồ learn that Patti LuPone has stood her up.

As Adam finishes up his audition và heads out, the casting director calls him back in and congratulates him on landing the part of Bronterre. Ecstatic, he exits & runs into Desi downstairs, who reveals that he has been cast as Bill Walker before offering lớn take Adam back to Greenpoint on his motorcycle.

Hannah is able to lớn track down Patti LuPone at a theater where she is rehearsing a one-woman show. Patti reluctantly agrees lớn give Hannah five minutes for her interview. Her healthy bones leave her with little to say in re