Cách Chơi High School Simulator 2018

High School Life in nhật bản

tomoya sugikamày

Designed for Máy tính bảng iPad

#164 in Action 3.8 • 11.2K Ratings Free

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Please enjoy high school life in Japan.You can customize boys and girls.2018 version improves the unique of school and students.

Very fun

I really enjoy this game. I love sầu the use of the models from Unity Assets. The hair style collection is nice as well. I vì have a few recommendations. The club leaders don’t do much. They just stvà there and you can’t bởi much other than kill them or join their club. Maybe create more classrooms so that they can have sầu classes & be programmed as normal students? Also, their outfits are kind of odd. Just make them wear the same school uniforms as everyone else! I lượt thích the addition of the clerks và store managers, but they don’t really vị much either, just st& there. Maybe give them something lớn do? And maybe get students to visit the stores & stuff during lunch ours and after school. The students themselves are very robot lượt thích, only moving to lớn class and lunch. While you can interact with them, it’s very minimal. Maybe have sầu them interact with each other? This goes for teachers too. I am happy that teachers are now more active, as they didn’t vì chưng much at all before. Add student lunches, & maybe a seat for the player. And give sầu the students activity! They really don’t bởi vì anything while in club hours, just stvà there. Also, I think I speak for most players when I say that we need a house, since we could start in the house rather in front of the school. And maybe give sầu other students và teachers homes as well instead of having them spawn outside a very large tunnel. I’m happy with the improvements this game has gotten. Keep up the good work!

Some Ideas...

I am a HUGE anime bạn. As much as I love this game, I don't get the vibe that I get from watching other people play the ACTUAL thing. Ik that you can't vì chưng EXACTLY everything in that game, but you could add a basement & you should be able khổng lồ decrease a captive sầu victims sanity. The way you can vày this is drug them, then store them in a box. It would also be cool lớn ACTUALLY interact with the A.I. Like you can compliment them, or vì random task for them! You should also make a popularity meter, to show how popular you are. You should also lay out weapons at the school, like outside. I'm using a IPhone 5c, và idk if it's the game, or my phone type, but I would appreciate it if you would add the weapons at the front of the school. I would also lượt thích to play "Cupid" for other people. You should also add a rival, like a rival that will compete with you for senpai. Like he/she would hang around senpai và talk lớn him, you will have to either "Play Cupid", Kill Her, Drown Her, Or you can drug a person and decrease their sanity & make them kill the rival. Other than this, I LOVE this game! It's AWESOME! And I hope you continue the updates!-Your Biggest Fan

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It’s awesome! But add some weapons please?

I lượt thích the game but add some weapons I would like in the game.I would like you to lớn add starter weapons like a knife, syringe, bat, & to lớn kill people with your hands. Next I would like snap mode, to lớn change your clothes whenever they are dirty with blood, more options with students, Ayano (if that’s her name in the game but I don’t rethành viên names so I just Điện thoại tư vấn her Ayano) with more teleportation options lượt thích lớn weapons, và the disintegrator. I would lượt thích more things in the bathroom than just a toilet. A cherry tree next to the school so on 6:00 Ayano can give a note lớn senpai (plz don’t jugde me by the names) to meet her under the cherry tree at 6:00, senpai goes and Ayano confesses her love to senpai and he has to lớn say yes. Another one is that the heart beating whenever she is near senpai but she can talk lớn hyên ổn. Also I would lượt thích if you opens the bag to lớn see all your weapons inside of it. I would also like khổng lồ see Info-Chan lượt thích in the real Yandere Sim game. Also one last thing I want in the game, I would like is Ayano had a clomix so she can change her clothes. If you bởi everything I said it would be a miracle! Also I’m a big bạn if Yandere Syên ổn và I also looooove the game. Keep it up!

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